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cookie delivery atlanta

You have called an urgent staff meeting. While you have scheduled the agenda and its timing, you may have made provision for unforeseen overlaps. Speaking of which, you’ll want to make use of an express cookie delivery atlanta delivery. You could be providing some savory snacks too because no matter what, everyone has different tastes. Even thirty minutes for a meeting could be a long time. And you’ll want each and every delegate to be as comfortable and focused as possible.

Hmm, now here’s an interesting thought. When to serve the cookies and snacks? Would have to depend on a number of things. Assuming then that your workforce or audience are of a serious-minded and mature caliber, all hands on the tiller without much chance of losing focus on matters at hand, then it should be just fine. Just fine to serve your cookies and snacks right there and then. They’ll be snacking here and there but without taking their eyes and ears off you.

While you’re speaking. While you’re demonstrating. Standing or sitting. But hang on just a second! What just happened a moment ago? It was a quickie cookie delivery for your next tea party that was broadcast, not so? Yep, that’s right, a cookie party. And why not. Surely by now, everybody loves a cookie or two with their tea. Or is it roast coffee beans? Always good manners to offer your guests a choice of the two.

And always good manners to offer your guests a plate or two, even if they’re just popping by for an hour or so. And unless you’re really busy with a very important job, it’s really bad form to be chasing them away so soon. Because really, folks, hardly anyone visits these days. 

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