Fun things to do on a Friday night

When Friday comes and the weekend is upon us we want to find something fun to do.  One option that most people will consider is a dinner theater fort myers where we can have a live show and a great meal.  For some people this can be a great way to have fun, socialize and relax before the rest of the weekend begins.  Next to this here are a few other suggestions.

The movies
The movies are a great way to kick off Friday night.  When we go to the movies we are entertained for a few hours, get to watch a story on the big screen and eat junk food.  A movie is also a great way to wind down the night after a nice dinner or other restaurant experience. 

dinner theater fort myers

If you are looking to get some exercise, have some fun and maybe even get a little frustrated at a clown, consider going for a round of miniature golf.  Miniature golf is a great way to practice your hand eye coordination.  You can find some interesting courses to experience and have a nice night and a little friendly competition.

Walk on the beach
There is nothing like a romantic walk on the beach.  Getting up and going for a walk at sunset creates a really romantic scene.  The crashing of the waves, the cool breeze and an enjoyable conversation are all people need when starting out on their weekend plans. 

Go for a drive
If you just don’t know where to go or what to do then consider just getting into the car and going for a drive.  When you go for a drive you can just wonder around looking for things to do and even just do nothing.  As you travel the town you have no destination, time schedule or stress of trying to achieve a specific purpose.